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Important use of 'Action with Love' Resources Agreement

This 'Action with Love' Agreement is honouring the many people-and yourself, who have gifted their resources freely and with the genuine intention to help and support in your own individual learning journey of self discovery. Many skilled and expert practitioners have donated their work which has taken many of them years to study, teach and at their own financial cost so that you may benefit.

Therefore an appreciation of what you are downloading is respectfully requested in this collaboration of loing minds and souls coming together to enable this remarkable resource which will grow over time.

If we are to have World Peace for Ourselves, our Animals and the Planet,then it starts with this one 'Act of Love' in 'Action with Love' and setting the intention at the highest outcome for all.

If we are to move forward over time then we need to collaborate, give freely and exchange that balance by offering the equivalent and  here are just a few examples to build and give thanks for your free resource within 'Action with Love':

  • An 'Act of Love' to a stranger, a family member or friend-or an animal or friends animal which balances your free resource
  • An 'Act of Kindness' to anyone or any animal to balance the resource
  • Share this resource with other people who may be interested to balance the resource
  • Give feedback or thank your resource benefactor
  • Give thanks and think loving thoughts when you receive any download that the person has lovingly donated for your advancement.
  • And any way you can think of, that can raise the vibrational energy and enable this 'Action with Love' to continue.

No resources are to be used or copyright infringed and resource owners must be contacted if you wish to use their downloads for any other purpose than that intended.

If you are in agreement with all of the above you are very welcome to download in the knowledge they are passed on with Love as the Action. 

This is a sacred space, a sacred place and need be treated in that 'Action with Love'.

If this resonates with you and you would love to donate a resource then please use the Contact Form here.

In Love and Appreciation.