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Free EFT Resources

EFT Manual Gifted by Marie Holliday who is an EFT Master Trainer of Trainers & Founder of Animal Energy 

World Conference & the World Energy Conference. EFT is Emotional Freedom Techniques or Tapping is a self help technique and you can train to Practitioner level.You simply 'tap' on acupoints whilst focusing on the issue/problem & normally you will experience relief from symptoms.Marie is an Animal Communicator and uses several energy techniques with both people and animals alike.

This is a Basic Manual to help start you off and can be used for Anxiety, Stress, Fear/Phobias, Pain Management and much more- and can help with your own Animals and/or Wildlife.

Free Download here. Please read 'Action with Love' Disclaimer before using and 'Action with Love' Agreement.



The next download is a 40 page ebook 'Animal Energy World Techniques Articles' which is fully illustrated with Marie Hollidays' own case studies, published articles and examples where she has used EFT/tapping with animals including wildlife and insects. The photos are all Maries' own and have been collected over the years.

This ebook is normally for sale and gifted as a  FREE Download here under the 'Action with Love' Agreement. 



Tapping Ideas is another booklet that is normally for sale that Marie Holliday has gifted to help you with your own animals. Normally, it is part of a course for sale and Marie hopes this again may give you ideas to get started with your animals.

You can obtain your FREE Download here.


Here is a really useful little Surrogate 'Tapping Aid' that Marie Holliday has gifted for you to download.

You can use a photograph of your animal companion (or self) .

FREE Download here.